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Textual Records is a record label dedicated to the distribution of sound, music, and text by contemporary artists. As a form of publication, the label focuses on the simultaneity of inscription - the textual, sonic, and musical markings created within the context of art. Limited editions are produced in LP, CD, or cassette form in collaboration with the artists and other entities.

Catalog / TR-006

If a song could be freedom . . . Organized Sounds of Resistance

- The Internationale (rendition from Kurdistan)
- Pfumo Nya Ku Pele
by Coral das Forças Populares de Libertaçåo de Moçambique (a revolutionary Mozambican call and response)
- Workers–Get Ready” (a 1970s soul send-up from the Progressive Labor Party)
- Bambini Pianificanti by the Gruppo Musicle de Comitato per il Saleario al Lavoro Domestico di Padova (a song from the Italian Wages for Housework movement)
- Got a Union in this Town” by the Mountain Musicians Cooperative and June Appal Recordings (a pro-union folk ballad from Appalachia)

INFO: The record and catalog If a song could be freedom . . . Organized Sounds of Resistance is an accompaniment to the exhibition (of the same name) at Interference Archive from June 25 - September 06, 2015.

7" (331/3rpm)
Limited Edition of 600

$12 USD (plus tax/shipping)

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