Textual Records

Textual Records is a record label dedicated to the distribution of sound, music, and text by contemporary artists. As a form of publication, the label focuses on the simultaneity of inscription - the textual, sonic, and musical markings created within the context of art. Limited editions are produced in LP, CD, or cassette form in collaboration with the artists and other entities.

Catalog / TR-004 (7"/45rpm)

Sense Objects

ARTIST: Leah Beeferman and Stephen Vitiello

INFO: Sense Objects is an exhibition and split 7" record featuring the work of Leah Beeferman and Stephen Vitiello. This pairing brings together their ongoing shared interest in producing art from a sonic perspective. The vinyl record includes sound compositions produced in the fall of 2013.

Limited Edition of 500

$20 USD (plus tax/shipping)

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Listen to tracks on Sense Objects website, designed by Everything Studio: http://sense-objects.com

Related exhibition information:
Sense Objects, curated by Regine Basha at Fridman Gallery, New York. http://www.fridmangallery.com/#!sense-object/c1qvw

Textual Records is a project of Angel Nevarez and Valerie Tevere. All Rights Reserved, 2013